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What is Wireframing?

Wireframing is the finest way to design a website at the structural level. It is used to layout the UI features and visualizes key elements on a page by considering user needs and user progress. Wireframing is used to establish the basic structure or blueprint of a webpage before the development of visual design and content is added.

Wahmi has an exquisite team of highly dedicated designers and developers who have experience in building best wireframes. We apply best practices and our experience to analyze your business, target audience, market and solutions of competitors to prioritize user goals, study their behavior and create UI design according to the well-thought-through strategy.

Our Expertise

Building the architecture to support awesome apps
Wireframing development
Wireframing development

One of the great advantages of wireframing is an early visual understanding of the application with the client in the very beginning.

User Experience Strategy
User Experience Strategy

Users can review early and it works as a feedback mechanism for prototype usability tests. Designers feel much more confident once the wireframe is approved by the client and user.

UI testing services
UI testing services

As wireframe makes the task simplified for the designer to develop user interface effectively and I testing is performed to test the visual elements of an application to validate expected performance and functionality.

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Wireframing Process

The details are not just details, they make the design

It includes project requirements
and aligning it with the customer’s need.


It involves putting the aforesaid
ideas on paper with pencil and electronically, of course.


Creating refined schematic views
or skeleton plan for a website or application.

Transforming the digital customer experience