Our Testing Process

  • Requirements Phase

    Find out software’s goals and document testing requirements

  • TestingStrategy

    Select best testing tools and develop testing roadmap

  • Test Case Design

    Define application use cases and develop test cases for them

  • Test Jobs Execution

    Develop a testing environment and run test jobs manually and automatically

  • Test Conclusion Analysis

    Analyze test results and prepare reports highlighting defects

  • Test Process Closure

    Repeat the whole process till solution passes all parameters.

Expert Testers

On completion of this testing, all the functional traits and performance of the software get boosted thus satisfying your business requirements.
Functional Testing

Automation Test Management

The applications that have very aggressive development cycles and lots of inter-connected process workflows need Automation testing.
From testing tool selection to test environment development, automation test management requires special skills that only come after years of experience and we are heavily expertise.

Manual Test Management

Nothing tests better than a human eye. However, finding bugs for the rarest and trickiest use cases in software development requires huge experience and effort, and also it's a tough process. A good test management environment only makes this process quite simple. We here at Wahmitech have years of experience in developing manual test management environments to support quality assurance and bug tracking processes.

Functional Testing